Ryan’s Vision for America

The rousing speech by Ryan was certainly a serious punch in the gut for liberals. Not really for democrats that can actually think for themselves though.

He talked about the credit rating being downgraded because of the enormous debt created and continuing under Obama the regime. Of course libs are spewing that Ryan didn’t support Simpson/Bowles. Of course that makes for an interesting and strange narrative because Obama didn’t support if either. Seems to me he would be the main character that would matter in its support? But no using liberal logic it failed all because of a Congressman named Ryan. Laughable.

Next the left attacks Ryan for Medicare and somehow tries to form a narrative that Ryan would cut the program to give more tax cuts for the rich. This was certainly pulled right out of this air. This is even more laughable. Ryan used the monstrosity of Obamacare as a starting point for his plan. He had to with it being the law of the land forced on us solely by democrats. Then after a revision those cuts that the fruits on the left continue to lie about were reinstated using a method that would repeal Obamacare and restore the $716 billion Obama wants to steal from seniors.

Lastly Obama should shoulder all the blame for the debt accumulated on his watch. That’s a fact that simply cannot  be ignored. Obama has received zero votes for every single budget he’s put forward. It should also be noted that the Senate is supposed to work with the House and produce their own budget. Harry Reid has failed the American people and produced none. At least Ryan has made an effort and passed a budget reducing the deficit that democrats in the Senate won’t pass.

The American people really do have a distinct choice between Obama/Biden and Romney/Ryan. Do we want to continue down the path of reckless spending and handouts or do we want serious reforms of tax policy and entitlements.

Joseph Fincher


Obama and His Atrocious Energy Policy!

 I’m sure that when Americans look at their gas gauges and see it nearing empty they cringe. With gas prices surly to be at an all-time high in the next few months shouldn’t we be asking our President what he intends to do about it?

With the media so fixated on the trumped up Trayvon Martin shooting it seems that many Americans are forgetting who should shoulder the blame of high energy costs. President Bush was pummeled daily by the so called main stream media with delight when prices climbed during his term. Why not now?

One huge difference between President Bush and President Obama is leadership. At least Bush did do something about the suffering faced by millions of Americans. Obama simply says there’s no magic bullet. That is of course not what Americans want to hear.

President Bush had solutions. He used the Strategic Oil Reserve. He approved more permits on federal lands. He pressured oil companies and worked with Congress to regulate speculators. He showed leadership! Obama has done nothing!

I will admit the one good thing he has done is promote so called green energy. I have no problem with that. But the problem I do have with Obama’s strategy on this is the fact that he’s wasted billions of tax payer dollars on it. Giving green energy companies tax breaks would be fine but showering them with money that they don’t have to pay back is not only dumb but dishonest. It’s dishonest because many of these companies are run by huge Obama/Democrat donors who will in turn give this money to help fund their campaigns.

I just want the media to do its job and report honestly. Investigate and report on things the average American should and needs to know. I’m amazed at the far left trolls who constantly berate FOX news. At least FOX reports the whole story. Not just bits and pieces so no to make the President look bad.